Get thee to nature

It’s often said that getting out into nature is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Take a break from studying, relax, and recharge in one of these beautiful locations: Westwood Lake An eight minute bus ride from VIU, this beautiful lake boasts a 5.5 km trail, as well as a public beach. Walk … Continued

Making of a rain warrior

Above: Ammonite Falls 📷 Kris Mutafov By Kris Mutafov I always hated the rain. It would get my bag wet, it would get my hair wet, my feet wet, and frankly, it would dampen my spirit. So logically, I moved to Nanaimo this September. I had heard the stories from my roommates before it began; clouds upon … Continued

A guide to Hiking BC safely

By contributor Kelly Whiteside Vancouver Island saw a spike in activity on its hiking trails this past summer, as did most of BC, and, probably, the rest of the world, and it appears that the winter weather hasn’t deterred as many people as it used to. Thanks to photo-sharing websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and … Continued

A stroll through Bowen Park

Above: A view of the Millstone River Side Channel. Photo by Cole Schisler. By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler The best time to explore Nanaimo’s nature is after a good rain. Bowen Park is a perfect place to start. Feel the soggy squish of fallen foliage underfoot as you walk alongside the Millstone River … Continued

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