The Importance of Increasing Indigeneity at VIU

With everything that has happened so far in 2020—the pandemic, a steep rise in awareness about systemic racism, alarming weather events due to climate change, among many others—it’s clear the need for diversity in leadership to combat these issues is crucial. And, not just at a federal level, but in every institution. One thing that’s … Continued

First Nations studies plan to change name to Indigenous studies

By contributor Spencer Sheehan-Kalina VIU’s Faculty of First Nations Studies announced to students that it will be changing its name to Indigenous Studies. Keith Smith, a professor who teaches First Nations Studies introductory courses, explained “the initial impetus behind it is that First Nations can been seen as fairly exclusive; the term doesn’t include Métis, Inuit … Continued

Gender neutral bathrooms now available on VIU campus

  Students Vivian Horne (left) and Emily Falder stand by one of the gender neutral bathrooms on campus New gender neutral bathrooms throughout campus are helping create a safer environment for students who identify outside the gender binary. When asked how sie* felt with the change, one student replied with “Ecstatic.” “That is something I … Continued

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