A Perspective on Professional: Jazz workshop review

When meeting a person at the top of their particular profession, often the burning question we want to ask is: how did you get there? Last month’s event with the John Ellis New York jazz quintet, Double Wide, was inspiring because it addressed how to navigate the maze of establishing a professional jazz career. And … Continued

Greg Bush to speak on jazz music in Canada

This year is Canada’s sesquicentennial. It is also the 100th anniversary of the very first jazz recording, and it is the first year of the Nanaimo International Jazz Festival. Greg Bush, Department of Music, will bring these events together in the first Arts & Humanities Colloquium presentation of the year. His talk is entitled “A … Continued

Inside the mind of a musical composer

By contributor Gordon Hak Music is a mysterious art, capable of evoking emotions, memories, pleasure, and sadness. For listeners, music usually speaks for itself, directly entering our hearts and minds. But where does this music come from? On October 16, Gregory Bush, a musician, composer, and faculty member in the Department of Music, will take us … Continued

VIU’s spring jazz concerts showcase student talent

The VIU Jazz Ensemble rehearses for the Spring Showcase Concerts coming up April 7, 8, and 9. Student musicians (l-r) Trevor Fisher (saxophone), Chris Welch (alto saxophone), Robyn Fortunal (alto saxophone) and Josh Pare (tenor saxophone) practice an arrangement under the direction of Professor Greg Bush. By contributor Shari Bishop Bowes Jazz lovers are invited to enjoy three … Continued

In Bloom with Duncan Symonds

One day, he watched a band play in his backyard as a kid. Another time, he secretly played around with his younger brother guitar. In fact, he borrowed it so often that he had to get his own. Then, finally, playing guitar started to consume so much of his time that he just knew. Since … Continued

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