Nanaimo Trudeau Town Hall: Student questions

Vancouver Island University’s gym was fire code maxed-out at 11:30 am on February 2, with hundreds of people waiting to participate in the Town Hall meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In the two-hour long meeting, close to 30 different people were given a mic to address Trudeau. Members from various parts of the community … Continued

Political Satire: When is it too much?

Above: 📷 Courtesy of Huffington Post By Arts Editor Cheryl Folland Buzzfeed, Saturday Night Live, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Facebook memes, and parody Twitter accounts have been pumping out satirical images and articles for years. It’s arguable that this past year contained some of the largest political scandals in recent memory, from the Black Lives … Continued

VIU student delegates envision the road to 2067 at Converge 2017

Above: VIU students Keltie Chamberlain and Diana Pearson en-route to Converge 2017. 📷 Diana Pearson By columnist Diana Pearson On February 6 and 7, VIU student representatives Keltie Chamberlain and Diana Pearson joined VIU President Ralph Nilson in attending Converge 2017 in Ottawa. This event was organized by Universities Canada, and brought Canadian students, university presidents, leaders, … Continued

Canada’s pipedream

Above: Location of Woodfibre LNG plant. Photo via Global News. By Associate Editor Natalie Gates A few weeks ago, a friend on Facebook posted a photo of the new Woodfibre LNG and FortisBC Community Office in downtown Squamish, with the caption: “Whoever guessed an #LNG office that facilitates the exportation of fracked gas and global warming … Continued

Op-Ed: Come on Gov, why you gotta be like that?

Above: Toronto, Canada – June 27, 2016: Justin Trudeau meets Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto at Casa Loma for dinner. Photo via iStockphoto. By contributor Dallas Bezaire Government accountability. If you watch House of Cards or keep up with the news, it sounds like an unending task somewhat akin to banging your head against the … Continued

JT, I hope you’re listening

  By Associate Editor Natalie Gates When Justin Trudeau walked into the October 25 Young Worker’s Summit in Ottawa, expecting the usual cheers, photo-ops, and admiration, he was met with something else entirely. While some in attendance yelled angrily that he is “acting like Harper”, a number of people stood and turned their backs to … Continued

ZomBEES: Top news of the summer

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau It’s been a little while since you last caught up with us here at the newspaper, but while we were all out enjoying our break, Nanaimo was still making headlines. Here are a few of our favourites: 1. Beekeeper in Nanaimo finds first instance of zombie-like bees Starting off with … Continued

Federal budget impacts on students

Youth support was a large focus for Justin Trudeau during the election, but it is still in question whether the Liberals will fully deliver on their campaign promises. The recent release of the federal budget gives us some insight to the road to come for students and youth for the 2016-’17 tax year and beyond. … Continued

There’s Something About Sophie

Above: Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau joins her husband, Prime Minister Elect Justin Trudeau, at the podium of the Liberal Party Campaign Headquarters in Montreal on Election Day, October 19, 2015. Photo by Adam Scotti, courtesy of Flickr Justin Trudeau. Our political leaders take the stage, take the shrapnel, and are forced to respond on their feet. But their … Continued

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