A handy guide to post-apocalyptic crafting

By contributor Jess Reale Yarn can be spun with a plain, weighted stick, or even a mere ball. Have all the sheep in your vicinity been eaten by zombies or incinerated in nuclear blasts? Don’t fear! Rather fetching yarn can be spun out of upcycled corpse clothing, or even old grocery bags. Unfortunately, there might … Continued

VIU anthropology class creates ripple effect in community caring

Students in Dover Bay Secondary School’s knitting club recently donated handmade items to the 7-10 Club. Above, from left to right: Megha Chauhan; Gordon Fuller, Chair of the Board, 7 to 10 Club; William Sanderson; Alycia Patenaude; Shannon Busby, teacher; Hayley Farenholtz; and Katie Lundman. Busby started the knitting club as a community action project for an … Continued

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