Precedented Times

The extreme flooding in southern BC has been and continues to be devastating. The prolonged heavy rainfall caused mudslides that blocked and destroyed major highways, for thousands of people to abandon their homes, and the death of hundreds of thousands of farm animals. While some British Columbians experienced minor or no changes to their daily … Continued

Thrifting for Thrift Stores

Thrifting is an economical, eco friendly, and increasingly trendy (not to mention fun) shopping experience. However, when my friends ask if I would like to go thrift shopping in Nanaimo, we often end up at Value Village. There is nothing wrong with Value Village—it has a large store format and plenty of options to shop … Continued

Spider’s Web Dip

I love Halloween. I get to dress up, decorate my house, watch scary movies, and sneak from the candy bowl that I’m supposed to give the trick or treat-ers. But my favourite part of Halloween is making the snacks, which comes—in large part—from my mom.  She is the most extra of Halloween moms. Our front … Continued

Beauty secrets

When I hit tween-hood, I had what I’d call a healthy curiosity for beauty products and accessories. I remember in grade five or six occasionally sneaking makeup to school, applying it in the washroom, and then taking it off before I got back on the school bus home. Though it’s now often overridden by an … Continued

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