The Vault Bazaar

If I could name only one place that really screams “Nanaimo,” that place would be The Vault Café. Before moving to this city, I never thought I would step through the pink walls of what used to be an early twentieth-century bank and emerge into a bohemian paradise. The space is eclectic to say the … Continued

Pandemic Spending

I press the checkout button and a familiar giddiness rushes over me. My laptop pings—it’s an email telling me my purchase has been confirmed and will be shipped shortly. The countdown begins. Among the many aspects of life that the COVID-19 pandemic will change forever, the way we spend our money seems to be one … Continued

The resurgence of the indie bookstore

In January of this year, I started an internship at Windowseat Books in Nanaimo, in partnership with a creative writing course at VIU. The object of the course is to familiarize students with areas of interest, primarily in the editorial industry. This parallels my interest—my hopes, I suppose—for after graduation, but conceptualized as more of … Continued

Best of the city: Cold Front Gelato

Upon first glance, Cold Front Gelato, located at 306-60 Commercial Street, is like many of the other shops in the area: cool, funky, and smelling amazing. In some ways, such as their insistence to stay loyal to the local community, they are the same. From the outside, the shop looks Scandinavian in style, with its … Continued

Best of the city: Plants and Leather

Nanaimo is brimming with independent retailers who proudly sport local and handmade clothes, shoes, accessories, books, and in some cases, plants. These shops give Nanaimo much of its charm and appeal. From galleries to design boutiques and a plethora of cafés dedicated to the Nanaimo bar, there’s something to be found for everyone. If you … Continued

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