Museum news: The gray whale

Surface feeding gray whale. Photo courtesy Jay Feaver. By contributors James Mackinnon & Iona Kearns Perhaps it’s the sheer size of the ocean that makes it so alluring to most people, or the fact that, while it makes up more than three quarters of the surface of our planet, we know so little about what’s living … Continued

VIU hosts free science & technology lecture series

Dr. Marc Trudel of Nanaimo’s Pacific Biological Station delivers a free public lecture January 21 at VIU’s Nanaimo campus about the migration patterns of the Pacific salmon. By contributor Marilyn Assaf.  Everything from astronomy, to glaciation, to human nutritional needs will be discussed by expert scientists during VIU’s free Science & Technology lecture series. The weekly lecture … Continued

Ocean floor overwhelmed by exotic algae

The VIU Deep Bay Marine Field Station is currently documenting the activity of an introduced species of algae and its environmental effects. The algae being studied, Mazella japonica (MJ), is an exotic species estimated to have been introduced 80 years ago. The study is taking place due to it taking over the ocean floor and … Continued

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