Can a movie change the world?

The role of the arts in creating social change is a history that stretches far back into time. Artists in cultures and countries around the world have used their mediums to inspire and incite the viewer to examine a particular issue in a new way. Frida Kahlo, one of Mexico’s most famous artists, used her … Continued

Logan: Reviewed

Above: 📷 Courtesy By Emily Hingston This article contains spoilers. I had seen no trailers and managed to avoid the plethora of spoilers on Facebook and other social media. I am a Marvel fan but I went into this movie knowing nothing. I went in completely blind. Logan is set in the year 2029. Mutants are all … Continued

Things to Watch For (or not) in 2016

2016 will have arrived by the time this makes it to print, but at the time of writing it is still the past; how cool is that? The year ahead promises to be full of great things, so here are 10 things (in no particular order) that I am wildly excited for, and you should … Continued

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