Street art has always been highly criticized, feared, and polarized by communities around the world. Maybe because it’s “out there” for everyone to see; maybe because it evokes newfound emotion and conversation—who knows? In my mind, it allows a person’s creativity to bring life to a previously mundane wall or building. Street art is instrumental … Continued

Urban Art Gallery: Humanity in Art

On the corner where Commercial Street connects with Terminal Avenue stands the A&B Sound building. Year after year, it would take a beating from the elements each season, since its closure in 2008. What once turned heads from the highway by its vibrant purple paint job was left vacant and greyish-green. People would drive by … Continued

Participants wanted for VIU sustainability mural project

Above: Lynda Faulks (center front) with workshop group in front of the Memorial University of Newfoundland mural. Photo via Memorial University. By News Editor Aislinn Cottell The VIU Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC) has endorsed a project this spring which seeks to express the concept of sustainability through collaborative art. The workshop-style event will result in … Continued

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