Museum news: Garry Oak ecosystems

Quercus Garryana aka Garry Oak. Photo  Maleea Acker By contributor James Mackinnon Sitting in the lee of the Vancouver Island mountain range, much of the south-east shores of our island are graced by mild climates and relatively low precipitation—a rain shadow effect. These conditions have given rise to different types of forests than the damp, … Continued

VIU Museum of Natural History: Who’s bugging you?

By contributor James Mackinnon Bugs rule the world, and the sooner we realize this the better. But let’s clarify that. What many of us usually refer to as “bugs” probably fall into the phylum Arthropoda (Latin for sectioned-legs), a group that includes spiders, mosquitos, crabs, butterflies, and more than a million other invertebrates who live … Continued

Nanaimo Museum hosts 160th Princess Royal Ceremony

By contributor Becca Macdonald This November marks the 160th anniversary of the arrival of the Princess Royal settlers in Nanaimo. The Nanaimo Museum is hosting the annual Princess Royal ceremony at the Bastion on Thursday, November 27 at 11 am. The public is welcome to attend the ceremony and hear the names of people who … Continued

Nanaimo Museum Lantern Tours

The Nanaimo Museum is now hosting their annual Lantern Tours. This hour and a half walking tour of downtown Nanaimo introduces people to some of Nanaimo’s darker history. In its second year, starting at the Museum, the tour will take you from location to location with historical highlights such as axe murders, ghost sightings, and … Continued

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