Identity: Art as Life

Identity: Art as Life features work from three local artists: Mulidzas-Curtis Wilson, Richard “Tomahawk” Thomas, and Vince Smith. The exhibit boasts a diverse range of stand-out pieces such as painted drums, a paddleboard, thunderbird tapestry, and carved wood walking sticks. The show is sponsored by TimberWest as part of their First Nation Cultural Art Showcase … Continued

Henna and art

Moments after I sat down to chat with Ava Crabbe, owner of the Charcoal Eclectic Art Emporium and Henna Lounge (Charcoal Henna Lounge), customers began to wander in off the bright Old City streets. Located directly across from the historic St. Andrew’s United Church on Wesley St., Charcoal Henna Lounge’s warm, inviting collage of local … Continued

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