VIU students launch free literary magazine

By contributor Antony Stevens Nanaimo’s first literary magazine, text, launched for free earlier this month at the Vault Café. Focusing on the “concise and eclectic,” the 32-page debut issue features “brief poetry” from local writers, including David Fraser, Kim Clark, and Mary Anne Moore, as well as “found poetry” and art from 17 other contributors. … Continued

Nanaimo Museum Lantern Tours

The Nanaimo Museum is now hosting their annual Lantern Tours. This hour and a half walking tour of downtown Nanaimo introduces people to some of Nanaimo’s darker history. In its second year, starting at the Museum, the tour will take you from location to location with historical highlights such as axe murders, ghost sightings, and … Continued

The Mic Is All Yours: Open Mic Nights in Nanaimo

Open Mic is the reason for a student pub to stay open their only late night of the week, and fuels a Sunday afternoon of pure blues jamming at an established downtown club. Whether you are drawn to the charming shabbiness of a cast-away bar or prefer the youthful vibe of a hip café, the … Continued

Mobilizing the March for the Climate

Contributor Chantelle Spicer shows Nanaimo’s broader vision of sustainability. Sustainability is a real buzzword right now, flying around many communities, industries, and our own university. It touches everyday life when we look at waste reduction, housing, and timber. It is at the heart of many movements, including one that happened recently in our own city. … Continued

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