Far From Home

I took it upon myself to visit all the restaurants in Nanaimo that serve Japanese ramen. They stretch south to north, each with their own unique flair, restaurant atmosphere, and traditional Japanese qualities: Bistro Taiyo, Nana Sushi, Wa-Ku, Umai, and Nori. My Japanese friend from VIU, Hikarua Nakamura, came along when she was available and … Continued

Staying Safe in Spooktober

As summer sunlight slowly slips away, the cool crisp chill crawls up its unsuspecting victim’s spine. The days lose order as they get shorter and as the dead of night approaches, another deadline is missed. Yes, Spooky Season has arrived, and although you might not be chased by goblins, ghouls, or gaseous beings, you could … Continued

Shack Island: The Little Island that Could

Nanaimo is full of small parks and nature to explore. Bowen Park, offering tranquil duck ponds and amphitheatre. Icarus Park’s meandering stairs down to the beautiful beach. And Pipers Lagoon Park, with its picturesque view of Shack Island. It’s hard to miss the small collection of buildings that cluster on the strips of land stretching … Continued

Cradle of a Certain Harbour City Culture

The infamous China Steps of Downtown Nanaimo, located between Victoria Crescent and Terminal Avenue, has this post-historical aroma of a cultural genesis and if you look ever so closely, you might be able to see a spry blue building that cradles a certain Harbour City culture; enter: The Hub City Cinema Society (HCCS).  This nonprofit … Continued

Eliot White-Hill: A Snuneymuxw success story

Eliot White-Hill’s family has been engaged with the Snuneymuxw community for generations. His great-grandmother, Dr. Ellen White, was a life-long advocate and teacher, and an Elder-in-Residence at VIU for thirteen years. She and his great-grandfather, Chief Doug White I, worked together to advance Indigenous rights and combat social inequality. His grandmother, Joyce White, was instrumental … Continued

WIG brings Dante’s Inferno to the stage

On Saturday, March 23, Evolve Nightclub will be hosting Seven Deadly Sins, presented by Nanaimo’s only drag entertainment collective: WIG. Thematically, the show will be a unique interpretation of Dante’s Inferno, paying homage to the 14th century literary classic with WIG’s distinctive brand of dance, theatre, musical narrative, and of course—divine comedy. The audience will … Continued

Best of the city: Plants and Leather

Nanaimo is brimming with independent retailers who proudly sport local and handmade clothes, shoes, accessories, books, and in some cases, plants. These shops give Nanaimo much of its charm and appeal. From galleries to design boutiques and a plethora of cafés dedicated to the Nanaimo bar, there’s something to be found for everyone. If you … Continued

Local bus service set to cover Greyhound routes

February saw Greyhound Canada pull its Victoria-to-Nanaimo route, as well as the long-unused Victoria-to-Vancouver connector. The official statement quoted low passenger use and rising operating costs as cause for the shutdown. Local bus service Tofino Bus All Island has already stepped up to fill the new gaps in transportation. “It’s the latest step in our … Continued

Haircut Therapy: That 50’s Barber Shop

Down Victoria Crescent, between Mambo’s Pizza and The Queens, is a quaint chessboard-floored barbershop. Inside, the walls are decorated with retro advertisements varying from original PEZ ads to classic “There’s nothing like Guinness” posters, all punctuated by a variety of 50s pin-ups. Johnny Rose is a thin man at 33, his face and body covered … Continued

The wet cold myth

Weekday winter mornings were frantic in my household as a fourth-grader. There was only one shower between me and my four siblings, and we all needed to be properly dressed before walking to school in the cold. Naturally, we fought over the best winter clothing. Our ages varied from five to sixteen, so we each … Continued

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