Haircut Therapy: That 50’s Barber Shop

Down Victoria Crescent, between Mambo’s Pizza and The Queens, is a quaint chessboard-floored barbershop. Inside, the walls are decorated with retro advertisements varying from original PEZ ads to classic “There’s nothing like Guinness” posters, all punctuated by a variety of 50s pin-ups. Johnny Rose is a thin man at 33, his face and body covered … Continued

The wet cold myth

Weekday winter mornings were frantic in my household as a fourth-grader. There was only one shower between me and my four siblings, and we all needed to be properly dressed before walking to school in the cold. Naturally, we fought over the best winter clothing. Our ages varied from five to sixteen, so we each … Continued

Get thee to nature

It’s often said that getting out into nature is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Take a break from studying, relax, and recharge in one of these beautiful locations: Westwood Lake An eight minute bus ride from VIU, this beautiful lake boasts a 5.5 km trail, as well as a public beach. Walk … Continued

Kendall Patrick Peaks and Valleys

Above: 📷 courtesy of HYPE music By Arts Editor Cheryl Folland It only takes one listen to hear the depth of life experience and heartache in Kendall Patrick’s lyrics. A Nanaimo native, Patrick can be found most evenings working at The Vault Cafe. In this supportive community, with it’s creation-stimulating aesthetic, her strength as a poet and … Continued

It’s a Dog’s Life

By contributor Kelly Whiteside I can’t count the number of times I’ve had customers from my workplace get legitimately upset with me when I inform them our store is not pet friendly, and that any non-service animals must be left outside. I don’t understand it. I love my animals as much as the next person, … Continued

Making of a rain warrior

Above: Ammonite Falls 📷 Kris Mutafov By Kris Mutafov I always hated the rain. It would get my bag wet, it would get my hair wet, my feet wet, and frankly, it would dampen my spirit. So logically, I moved to Nanaimo this September. I had heard the stories from my roommates before it began; clouds upon … Continued

Funding a hockey fan’s dream

Above: An artist’s rendering of the proposed events centre. 📷 Courtsesy NanaimoNewsNOW By contributor Kelly Whiteside Two years ago, when our Nanaimo city council was elected, none of the nine councillors mentioned a multiplex or event centre as a priority in their platforms. Now, over the course of a few months, council has spent upwards of $500K … Continued

Community development through music

By Krista Meckelborg The recent passing of Stuart McLean of CBC’s The Vinyl Cafe reminds us how art brings people together. The Canadian radio host, humourist, and author has, once again, given us an opportunity to reflect on the importance of art in our communities. Canada is filled with people reminiscing over road trips with … Continued

Nanaimo to receive transit upgrade

By News Editor Aislinn Cottell Nanaimo is taking another step towards a sustainable future with the implementation of 24 New Flyer buses, an addition which will make the RDN transit system the first fully Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered fleet in Canada. CNG is natural gas (largely methane) stored under high pressure, which can be … Continued

Discovering Leah Westwood

By Production Manager Catherine Charlebois A lone gravestone sits under the protection of a willow in the Bowen Cemetery, moss creeping up its side, with the name James M Brown engraved on its rocky surface. Below it, in a faded and barely legible script, the text reads: In loving memory of his beloved wife who … Continued

A stroll through Bowen Park

Above: A view of the Millstone River Side Channel. Photo by Cole Schisler. By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler The best time to explore Nanaimo’s nature is after a good rain. Bowen Park is a perfect place to start. Feel the soggy squish of fallen foliage underfoot as you walk alongside the Millstone River … Continued

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