St. Andrew’s United Church

By Sports Editor Cole Schisler Built in 1893, St. Andrew’s United Church is Nanaimo’s oldest house of worship. St. Andrew’s provides united worship service, which is a combination of three Protestant denominations: Congregational Methodist, and Presbyterian. Services are held on Sundays from 10:30 – 11:30 am, led by Minister Debbie Marshall. “We are a very inclusive … Continued

Op-ed: The streets of Nanaimo

Above: Nanaimo skyline via Wikipedia By contributor Philip Gordon The streets of Nanaimo are shifting. Where the salt-air and diaspora meet, hundreds of displaced people gather in huddled masses to talk about how broken the system is that put them there. Downtown Nanaimo is currently a hub of invalids, mental patients, and drug addicts—all of … Continued


By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau 90 days. That’s how long it took me to hate living in Vancouver. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great city full of diversity, luxury and nature, but for me and many others, it can be very daunting. Growing up just a strait away from the metropolis led to a growing desire … Continued

VIU partners with NDSS to create “Navigators” program

September 2015 signalled the start of a partnership between the Navigator and the NDSS Skills for Life program. Coordinated and executed with the help of Skills for Life program educational assistants (EA) Johanne Aubut and Cathy Murphy, the partnership has provided sought after work experience for nine Skills for Life students. Outfitted with blue and … Continued

Culture and Heritage awards ceremony

Culture and heritage have the potential to further a city’s creativity, diversity, and innovation; the City of Nanaimo will honour this on April 13 with the 2016 Culture and Heritage Awards Ceremony. Along with local entertainment, the ceremony will recognize Alyssa Glassford for Emerging Cultural Leader, Debbie Trueman for Honour in Culture, Susan Juby for … Continued

Going Home Star: Truth and Reconciliation

Above: Royal Winnipeg Ballet performing Going Home Star. Photo by Samanta Katz By contributor Chantelle Spicer One possibility of art is to take a topic and reframe it into a visual language that offers different perspectives to the viewer. It is a way to engage the mind and emotions, creating a space to discuss difficult subjects … Continued

Rabbit 101: Prepare for the Easter Bunny’s visit

With Easter hopping closer, and stuffed bunnies and chocolate eggs coating store shelves, it’s the perfect time to reflect on VIU’s own rabbit friends. VI Abbie, a bunny character who represents VIU on social media platforms as the Lead Student Ambassador for the Engagement Enrolment Office, held an online campaign February 29 to March 4 … Continued

Scars of Love at Neck Point

It’s the first day of February and the morning radio show is already talking about Valentine’s Day. I guess “already” is disingenuous—they’ve been talking about the date since the department stores changed from Christmas decorations to candied hearts. I’m in the car on my way to Neck Point Park—listed in the top three of “Things … Continued

Nanaimo Lakes Road:

The Canadian prairies is a decrepit gold mine of photo opportunities. While navigating the maze of gravel roads outside my hometown of Regina this Christmas, it didn’t take long to find abandoned houses circa 1880 and old train cars emblazoned with rust. I started to wonder: What is the Vancouver Island equivalent to exploring gravel … Continued

City of Nanaimo sows seeds for the future

By contributor Tomi Lawson The city of Nanaimo is planning to replace the fallen trees in Colliery Dams Park. According to a City of Nanaimo news release, horticultural crews from the city have gathered pine cones from Douglas fir, Grand fir, and Western Red cedar trees. They have also gathered big leaf maple seeds and … Continued

Nanaimo launches new anti-littering campaign

It is time to exterminate the litter bugs — in a non-violent manner, of course. A new anti-littering campaign has been launched, entitled Keep Nanaimo Clean, that will paint the city with reminders to keep the streets and trails clean. With the help of the increasingly environmentally conscious population, the campaign aims to eliminate the … Continued

Nanaimo’s Woodgrove mall to get a $17 million makeover

Vancouver Island’s largest shopping centre will be receiving a $17 million makeover, co-owner of Woodgrove Centre Ivanhoé Cambridge announced September 24. In a press release from Ivanhoé Cambridge, Woodgrove Centre General Manger Julia Dow highlights the major elements of the renovation: The food court will be completely reconfigured and renovated, allowing for increased seating capacity. … Continued

Returning Veterans pace Clippers strong start

By contributor Ben Chessor The Nanaimo Clippers have begun with a solid start for the 2015-2016 British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) season. After falling just two wins shy of the league championship last season, the Clippers look poised to take another run at the Fred Page Cup. This season looks like it will be a … Continued

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