I want to believe: New planets, new life?

By News Editor Aislinn Cottell Astronomers are over the moon about a recent announcement that brings humanity another step closer to answering the tantalizing question—are we alone in the universe? Not too long ago, that inquiry may have been relegated to the tin-hat territory of X-Files fanatics. However, for the last decade, that question has … Continued

Gimme some space

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau This issue, The Nav was inspired by NASA’s recent findings of exoplanets in another solar system. Thus we have decided to incorporate the extra-terrestrial into our stories. But what about Earth? Here in the True North (Canada), we are fortunate to have one of the highest land mass per person … Continued

Col. Hadfield Inspires Young Minds on VIU Campus

VIU’s Malaspina Theatre filled up with eager students and faculty on a sunny afternoon on October 20. The sold-out event hosted Colonel Chris Hadfield, engineer, musician, author, YouTuber, public speaker, and first Canadian astronaut to walk in space. With a long list of achievements under his belt, Hadfield has continued his support of learning by … Continued

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