Winter break TV and movie reviews

Warning: Spoilers Ahead The Crown Season 2, Netflix Fans of the show are treated to the much anticipated backstory of Prince Philip, played parallel to the journey of Prince Charles as he attends the school his father once did. We see firsthand the damage of Philip trying to ‘make a man’ out of his young … Continued

Riverdale reviewed

Above: 📷 via SpoilerTV By contributor Drew McLachlan This article contains spoilers. “Archie got hot—he has abs, now!” is a real line in the pilot episode of Riverdale. It may as well be the tagline of the series. This observation, made by Kevin Keller (a 2010 addition to the comics), introduces the viewer to Archie Andrews: former … Continued

The eerie accuracy of Black Mirror

Above: Photo via By Arts Editor Brendan Barlow You may have noticed the release of a new season of Black Mirror in your Netflix feed. If you’re not sure whether or not to get on board, I’m telling you now to stop wondering, and jump right into one of the most frighteningly prescient series I have … Continued

Stranger Things review

Above: Photo via By Arts Editor Brendan Barlow Wow. Wow. Wow. Quick background to start things off, Stranger Things is a Netflix-exclusive series created by Matt and Ross Duffer (collectively credited as The Duffer Brothers). This duo previously worked on a movie called Hidden in 2015, which I strongly recommend. To call this a … Continued

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