Escape With Podcasts

It’s almost the holidays and COVID-19 season drags on. There won’t be any traveling to visit relatives or sitting down over a ham to debate your extended family over something trivial. Time off with nothing to do is a recipe for boredom. How to remedy the yawning and dead-eyed stares that are sure to come? … Continued

Podcast Playlist

By contributor Chantelle Spicer 99% Invisible If you are at all curious about the world around you, this is an amazing place to start digging for answers and stories. From technology and architecture to sounds and objects, host and network Radiotopia founder, Roman Mars, explores the life of our designed world, and how it affects … Continued

The Adventure Zone: Podcast review

Above: Photo via By Arts Editor Brendan Barlow If I told you there was a podcast during which three brothers and their father played Dungeons & Dragons together, would you jump on board right away? You might if you’re a fan of D&D, or if that premise aroused just enough interest in you to … Continued

Your 2016 Halloween Primer

Above: Photo via By Arts Editor Brendan Barlow October is upon us, and for some that means nothing, but for those of us who love this season, it means swimming gleefully through an infinite sea of horror movies, books, podcasts, and video games, seeking out scares between now and Halloween. Here are some suggestions … Continued

The Nosleep Podcast and the Art of the Scary Story

Above: Lore, one of many compelling horror podcasts Since I was a kid, I’ve loved horror stories—whether it was books, movies, comics, campfire stories, or even just perusing the horror section of my local video store, reading the backs of VHS cases I wasn’t allowed to rent. It started innocently enough, reading the Goosebumps and … Continued

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