Gregory Scofield is this year’s Ralph Gustafson Distinguished Poet

Renowned poet Gregory Scofield will be coming to Nanaimo on February 12 and 13 as VIU’s Ralph Gustafson Distinguished Poet for 2019-20. He is Michif of Cree, Scottish and European-Immigrant descent, and traces his ancestry to the Métis community of Kinosota, Manitoba, and Bacon Ridge. He will discuss, through oral storytelling, the importance of Indigenous literature and … Continued

Fred Wah reads on campus

Fred Wah, a quintessential Canadian poet, read at an informal poetry reading and discussion at VIU October 25. Wah endeavored to explain his lifelong project, Music at the Heart of Thinking, which is comprised of several volumes. In describing its original conception, Wah said “music at the heart of thinking started at an intersection in … Continued

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