Science literacy week at VIU

Do you love science? Are you interested in learning more about science? From September 18 to September 22, Science Literacy Week will be hosted at the VIU campus for the first time. Science Literacy Week is a nationwide celebration of science for all ages. The event includes a science-themed book display, several guest speakers, films, … Continued

You Jelly of the Immortal Jellyfish?

By contributor Chris Dwyer Immortality: the stuff of legend, myth, and fantasy. It’s the subject of countless works of fiction, deeply rooted in humanity’s fear and comprehension of its own limitations. But what if I told you that at this moment there are creatures in the murky depths of our oceans who possess such an … Continued

VIU hosts free science & technology lecture series

Dr. Marc Trudel of Nanaimo’s Pacific Biological Station delivers a free public lecture January 21 at VIU’s Nanaimo campus about the migration patterns of the Pacific salmon. By contributor Marilyn Assaf.  Everything from astronomy, to glaciation, to human nutritional needs will be discussed by expert scientists during VIU’s free Science & Technology lecture series. The weekly lecture … Continued

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