Dirtyin’ The Nav: Accessing sex

By columnist Diana Pearson Expressing sexuality and finding intimacy are incredibly important for health and well-being. But let’s be honest—many conversations about sex prioritize able-bodied sexual beings, leaving people who have physical disabilities behind. People with physical disabilities face much more stigma around sexuality, namely the myth that they are non-sexual, infantilized beings. These assumptions … Continued

Dirtyin’ The Nav: Loving the way we see fit

By columnist Diana Pearson For centuries, the presiding cultural climate has accepted the heterosexual, monogamous couple as the most “valid” kind of relationship. The nuclear family (the perfect picture of the man, woman, and two children living middle-class, suburban lives) became popularized in the 1950s with the image of the American Dream. But, let’s be … Continued

Making space for consent

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau This year, I have the opportunity to share a column with our readers. Back in 2010, The Nav infamously published a Nav-a-Sutra column that included some less than savoury how-to suggestions in the bedroom. This led me to avoid such topics for fear of our younger readers and their parents. Yes, … Continued

Dirtyin’ The Nav: Sex-positive Q & A

By Editor Diana Pearson Despite our so-called sexually liberated society, myths and shame-filled guidelines about sex continue to be rampant. I’m going to venture a guess that you, like many of us, have spent your share of long, anxiety-ridden nights Googling questions about sex. It can be frustrating and difficult to find thoughtful, informative, and … Continued

Let’s talk about sex, baby

“I am not driven by society—I am driven by the righteousness of my love for my family and myself, and if you want a piece of this body, you better love it too. You’re going to call me fucking ma’am!” Sexuality, Pleasure, and Relationship Coach Jennifer Zurba has studied human sexuality over the past 15 … Continued

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