Café review: Cinnamon Joes Coffee Window

By contributor Shaleeta Harper. I heard about this hole in the wall—literally a hole in the wall—on Facebook. It made me curious, so I had to check it out. I took a trip downtown to the corner of Victoria Cres. and Albert St. for some of the New Years goodies advertised online, made specially for … Continued

Café review: Two Chefs Affair

By contributor Shaleeta Harper I visited Two Chefs Affair on the weekend with a friend, where we enjoyed people-watching at a table overlooking Commercial St. The colourful and eclectic artwork provoked a lengthy conversation, though overall it seemed like a function-over-form establishment. The restaurant was inspired by romance, but isn’t romantic itself. It’s a breakfast … Continued

Cafe Review: The Buzz Coffee House

  By contributor Shaleeta Harper With cracked and polished concrete floors, and live-edge honey maple slabs for tables, The Buzz Coffee House is a unique space with warm industrial design. Exposed pipes hang local art- work and act as room dividers. Tucked away in the back, an elevated section with a bookshelf, fireplace, piano, and … Continued

Café Review: The Vault

By contributor Shaleeta Harper The Vault Café stands out as the bohemian hub of Nanaimo. It’s easily spotted where Victoria Cres., Wallace St., and Albert St. intersect downtown, with outdoor patio seating made up of cozy armchairs and vintage ashtrays. In dry weather, the atmosphere is lively outside with animated conversations and the occasional acoustic … Continued

VIU students launch free literary magazine

By contributor Antony Stevens Nanaimo’s first literary magazine, text, launched for free earlier this month at the Vault Café. Focusing on the “concise and eclectic,” the 32-page debut issue features “brief poetry” from local writers, including David Fraser, Kim Clark, and Mary Anne Moore, as well as “found poetry” and art from 17 other contributors. … Continued

Affordable dorm decorating

By contributor Shaleeta Harper Okay, campus dwellers: you’ve been in class for about three weeks now, so it’s time to put away the suitcases and personalize your living quarters. I’ve never actually been blessed with life in the dorms, but from the ones I’ve visited, I’ve found it’s not so different from the teeny apartment … Continued

Café review: Jumpin’ Java

By contributor Shaleeta Harper They say it right under the name—Jumpin’ Java is a coffee and tea oasis on VIU’s Nanaimo campus.  Anyone—student or professor—with an early Monday class knows how gratifying it is to snag a cup en route. Jumpin’ Java is a necessity, and the line-up between classes proves it.  Like an actual … Continued

Cafe Review: Blenz

Contributor Shaleeta Harper reviews local cafe, Blenz.  Students are pretty well known drug addicts.  Many of us can’t get through those 8 am classes without clutching a cup of caffeine. My addiction is minor compared to some of my peers, but it’s still typical to find me doing my homework in a coffee shop, the … Continued

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