An Interview with Sheila Malcolmson

The ballots have been counted, and Sheila Malcolmson is expected to return to her position as the MLA for the Nanaimo district. Although many mail-in and absentee ballots are still to be counted, Malcolmson finished election night with 52.8 percent of the vote. Malcolmson was elected as the MLA for the Nanaimo district back in … Continued

Political estro-jection

By Lauren Rodgers While women are increasingly becoming more involved in politics, they are still disproportionally represented. An election follow-up event titled “Women and Politics” was hosted at the Grand Hotel in Nanaimo on October 25 that addressed the issue. The lecture was organized by Equal Voice, a national, multi-partisan organization whose mandate is to … Continued

Political youth groups continue to reach out

The election is over, Justin Trudeau is being sworn in as Prime Minister as our latest issue hits stands, and Sheila Malcolmson is gearing up to establish NDP plans as Nanaimo’s new MP. So what are Nanaimo’s youth partisan groups planning to do? “We want to keep engaging youth that have Liberal values,” said Avi … Continued

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