VIU Services: Shq’apthut

Above: Shq’apthut on VIU’s Nanaimo campus via Shq’apthut: A Gathering Place was built in 2009 as a designated area that reflects and transcends our First Nations culture. The Gathering Place now boasts staff from the Services for Aboriginal Students team that supports Aboriginal students to succeed in achieving their academic goals. The team assists … Continued

Paradigm shift: Redefining our Indigenous relationships

Above: A full house for the panel discussion on the call to action of Canada’s TRC and the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People at VIU on November 2 By contributor Chantelle Spicer Our society moves from one buzzword to the next: “organic,” “sustainable,” “green,” “growth,” and now, here in Canada, we have “reconciliation,” … Continued

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