Feed me, Facebook

Changes are coming to your Facebook news feed. On Thursday, January 11, Facebook announced it will begin to prioritize content from friends and family over content from publishers and brands. This means, in theory, you’ll see more selfies of Aunt Brenda and fewer ads trying to sell you your last search on Amazon. Mark Zuckerberg, … Continued

The social media vortex

Above: 📷 via canfocus.com By contributor Kelly Whiteside Time I started writing this article: 3:24pm. Time I finished writing this article: 9:47pm. Time actually spent writing this article: 32 minutes. Time spent scrolling through Facebook: Five hours, 51 minutes It’s so easy to get lost in the vortex of social media. You’re just quickly checking what … Continued

Space, time, and social media

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates Space and time are funny things. We’re always trying to get more of them or less of them. Trying to pass the time, skip through it—or grasping onto each second of the day, wishing there were more. Too much space and we get lonely, bored. Not enough and we get … Continued

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