Library Construction

The VIU Library Commons (AKA the third floor) will be undergoing some changes in the coming months. There will be incremental upgrades over the winter break and throughout next semester.  As you’ve probably already noticed, all the bookshelves on the third floor have been emptied and dismantled. The audio/video resources from those shelves have been … Continued

Space, time, and social media

By Associate Editor Natalie Gates Space and time are funny things. We’re always trying to get more of them or less of them. Trying to pass the time, skip through it—or grasping onto each second of the day, wishing there were more. Too much space and we get lonely, bored. Not enough and we get … Continued

Gimme some space

By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau This issue, The Nav was inspired by NASA’s recent findings of exoplanets in another solar system. Thus we have decided to incorporate the extra-terrestrial into our stories. But what about Earth? Here in the True North (Canada), we are fortunate to have one of the highest land mass per person … Continued

No Man’s Sky: Hype dreams

Above: No Man’s Sky via Hello Games By Arts Editor Brendan Barlow Announced in 2013, No Man’s Sky has been one of those games that builds a hype train so massive, and so powerful, that the only thing it can really do is explode and kill everyone on board. The prospect of a procedurally generated … Continued

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