The strange street names of Nanaimo

“Spenser, you have two deliveries,” says Khoung, as he points at two tall paper bags stuffed with Chinese food, “The first one goes to 262 Twiggly Wiggly Rd. The second goes to 3338 Dingle Bingle Hill Rd.” Khoung goes back to peeling carrots. Meanwhile, I’m giggling to myself as I struggle to fit both bags … Continued

Staying Sober: Inside Nanaimo’s private treatment centre

Above: Edgewood treatment facility via “You must be Spenser,” says a wide-smiled receptionist. “You’re here for Bill, right? He’ll be up in a minute. Take a seat.” Bill Caldwell arrives and we walk to the coffee shop, Rascals, inside Edgewood, a residential treatment centre for addiction. Bill orders his coffee, and then asks me … Continued

The Voice of Rebel Mountain Press

“I’ve always thought of myself as a little bit of a rebel,” says Lori Shwydky, a fourth-year Creative Writing student at VIU. That was Shwydky’s thought process coming up with the first part of the name for her new publishing company, Rebel Mountain Press. The second part? Well, she loves mountains, but not actually climbing … Continued

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