Ease the Stress

It’s a stressful time of year for many students. The spring semester is almost over, and exams and final project deadlines loom ahead. But that doesn’t mean the next couple of weeks need be filled with dread.  Here are my top four stressbusters to help you feel a little more at ease during the home … Continued

How to relieve stress

The following are some methods I’ve found helpful for relieving my own stress. Since everyone is different, they may not all work for you, and that’s okay—but give ‘em a try. Break Things into Steps When a stressful event appears on my horizon I find it helpful to, if possible, break it into steps. I … Continued

Adjusting to university life

It’s widely acknowledged that university is stressful. Not only can the courses be difficult, but many university students are also balancing part-time jobs and other responsibilities. They may be living on their own for the first time and attempting to navigate their way into a new social environment. It’s stressful, and that stress may manifest … Continued

Why art?

By Arts Editor Cheryl Folland As the semester comes to a close, stress runs high. This week I interviewed people asking how art, whether created or observed, as helped them. What causes art in its various mediums to speak to people’s hearts? How does creativity provide an outlet to deal with difficult situations? Josh Bourget: … Continued

Exercise that brain power

By contributor Dallas Bezaire You all remember gym class, right? Where you learn about sports and activities, nutrition, and general health. It is an important part of your education, even if you go on to mostly ignore it. Even if you end up unhealthy, you at least know roughly how to get healthy or lose … Continued

Squish the stress away

Above: 📷 momtastic.com By Production Manager Catherine Charlebois For many, March is a stressful month, crammed full of exams, final projects, and essays. Before you let those last few weeks before summer freedom get to you, make this stress putty—I guarantee, you’ll be squishing away stress you didn’t know you had. Easy to make, and customizable, this … Continued

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