Student victory over loan interest

Current and former BC students celebrated the Budget 2019 announcement on February 19 that eliminated interest from provincial student loans, effective immediately. This follows years of work done by students, volunteers, and allies calling for meaningful relief from the increasing cost of accessing post-secondary education. The announcement makes BC the fifth province to recognize the … Continued

Tuition rates in BC rise 2.5 percent in election year

By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler Across the country, costs of tuition have been steadily rising, year after year. According to a report published by Statistic Canada, the average Canadian will pay $6,373 for tuition in the 2016/17 year, a 2.8 percent increase since the 2015/16 year. In British Columbia, the cost of tuition … Continued

Federal budget impacts on students

Youth support was a large focus for Justin Trudeau during the election, but it is still in question whether the Liberals will fully deliver on their campaign promises. The recent release of the federal budget gives us some insight to the road to come for students and youth for the 2016-’17 tax year and beyond. … Continued

Proposed law could give ICBC “right to refuse” licenses due to unpaid debt

Photo: Mike de Jong, finance minister, at swearing-in ceremony for Minister of Health in 2011             This week, the BC government proposed a law, working with ICBC to help gather outstanding student debts.             A press release on the government’s website states, “Bill 13, Finance Statutes Amendment Act, includes amendments to the Financial Administration Act … Continued

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