Angela Traynor

Angela Traynor flips through a sketchbook of paint colour samples and pencil drawings over a live stream on Twitch, the camera trained on her work desk. She banters with her viewers about crochet and cross-stitching as they fill up the comment section. “That’s rad!” she says when someone comments they’re teaching themselves how to knit. … Continued

Alumni Spotlight: Elise Boulanger

“Oh, hello,” Elise Boulanger said sheepishly. It was the night of December 14. I was downtown at The Cambie, about to watch Elise perform at the festive Acoustic Night show, when I stumbled upon her in the large, graffitied washroom. She was standing by the sink, brushing her teeth. “Pre-show ritual?” I teased. “Yeah. I … Continued

Zoe Grace profile

Over the past four years, Zoe Grace has made an impact on VIU’s Women’s Soccer team. The senior from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a very strong defensive player and loves working with her teammates to achieve success. The Physical Education major took time to reflect on the Mariners season, give advice for aspiring athletes, and share … Continued

Humans of VIU page aims to connect students

Humans of VIU administrator, Max Conrad, says he wants students at VIU to feel more connected. “VIU is a commuter campus, and a lot of people think we don’t know our everyday students very well,” Conrad said. “It helps make the campus friendlier.” Inspired by the popular Humans of New York blog, Humans of VIU’s … Continued

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