Tips and tricks for trouble-free taxes

Above: 📷 iStockPhoto By News Editor Aislinn Cottell It’s tax season and, for many students, that may seem an intimidating task on top of all the other spring responsibilities—aka exams. But taxes are important to complete, not only because of the civic duty, but also because many lower income students are eligible for tax benefits returns. It … Continued

Microsoft Office free for students

VIU students and staff can now download Microsoft Office 2016 for free. On September 22, this latest version was released in Canada, and Office 365 Education decided to allow close to four million students across Canada free access. This decision was announced in March 2015 in a press release from Campus Intercept. While 85 per … Continued

The Politics of Youth

Millennials get a bad rap. This particular generation—“youth” born roughly between 1986 and 1997—have been labelled apathetic, lazy, and entitled. Sweeping generalizations rarely help when examining human behaviour, but bitter-tasting tar seems to accompany the word “millennial” as it rolls from the tongue. Yet, as the generation moves more deeply into adulthood, they’re dispelling some … Continued

Voting for the “address-challenged”

As you may know, youth voter turnout in Canada has been less than stellar, with only 38.8 percent of youth voting in the 2011 federal election. While there are several reasons behind this—apathy towards politics, distrust in the government, or feeling as if they can’t make a difference—for some it is simply the hassle that … Continued

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