VIU partners with NDSS to create “Navigators” program

September 2015 signalled the start of a partnership between the Navigator and the NDSS Skills for Life program. Coordinated and executed with the help of Skills for Life program educational assistants (EA) Johanne Aubut and Cathy Murphy, the partnership has provided sought after work experience for nine Skills for Life students. Outfitted with blue and … Continued


Five years. Five years where for 30 weeks I would walk 17-and-a-half minutes, uphill both ways, from my little tiny home to the VIU campus in a wild dream to become a writer—whatever that was supposed to mean that week, whether a poet, a journalist, or a storyteller. It wasn’t a perfect time. Most courses … Continued

Hiring < getting hired

We made it. The last issue of volume 47. The Navigator has seen its share of struggle and success this past year. As Managing Editor, I have had such a privilege working with some great writers, awesome designers, and devoted contributors. Then April comes,  and for some reason we stop publishing. Students go back home … Continued

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