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The more the merrier! Submit your bunnies and stairs to The Nav by emailing editor@thenav.ca or Tweet us at @theNavVIU. Bunny: Something nice, funny, positive, or sweet that happened in your life. Stair: Something mean, annoying, negative, or gross that happened in your life.

The Truth in Reconciliation

Above: An honouring ceremony for the Snuneymuxw people last year at VIU.  By Lori Shwydky  Last week, the “Indigenous Survivance: The Truth in Reconciliation” event was held on campus by my class, Health and Human Services 263 (HHS 263): Elder Teachings Across Disciplines, with instructors John Swift and VIU Elder Geraldine Manson. I used to think … Continued

Making a cultural and spiritual connection

By contributor Andrea Christiansen Greenland is a barren, white island known as the land of ice and snow—a no man’s land where snowstorms never end. But in reality, the island’s population is approximately 56 thousand and it has all four seasons. During spring, the snow begins to melt, and you can hear the water dripping … Continued

VIU sets troubling communications precedent

Above: Photo via Russell McNell on Flickr Following the implementation of a controversial new “student services fee” on April 1, VIU has been tight-lipped regarding what exactly students’ money is going towards. VIU defers to an online fact sheet, updated early last month, for all information regarding the fee and the new services it will … Continued

VIU partners with NDSS to create “Navigators” program

September 2015 signalled the start of a partnership between the Navigator and the NDSS Skills for Life program. Coordinated and executed with the help of Skills for Life program educational assistants (EA) Johanne Aubut and Cathy Murphy, the partnership has provided sought after work experience for nine Skills for Life students. Outfitted with blue and … Continued

Pulling together for sponsored refugee students

In Swahili, Harambee means to “all pull together.” On April 23, VIU’s local World University Service of Canada (WUSC) committee will be doing just this at their annual Harambee Gala dinner. To date, the VIU WUSC Local Committee has sponsored 12 students from Somalia and South Sudan through the Student Refugee Program (SRP). In the … Continued

Federal budget impacts on students

Youth support was a large focus for Justin Trudeau during the election, but it is still in question whether the Liberals will fully deliver on their campaign promises. The recent release of the federal budget gives us some insight to the road to come for students and youth for the 2016-’17 tax year and beyond. … Continued

Doctor-assisted suicide debate

A landmark Supreme Court ruling, Carter vs. Canada, determined the prohibition of assisted suicide conflicted with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by several parties. This has led to many ethical questions and opposing opinions on whether doctor-assisted suicide is moral and necessary, as well as what restrictions should be in place. This will … Continued

Let’s talk about sex, baby

“I am not driven by society—I am driven by the righteousness of my love for my family and myself, and if you want a piece of this body, you better love it too. You’re going to call me fucking ma’am!” Sexuality, Pleasure, and Relationship Coach Jennifer Zurba has studied human sexuality over the past 15 … Continued

Going Home Star: Truth and Reconciliation

Above: Royal Winnipeg Ballet performing Going Home Star. Photo by Samanta Katz By contributor Chantelle Spicer One possibility of art is to take a topic and reframe it into a visual language that offers different perspectives to the viewer. It is a way to engage the mind and emotions, creating a space to discuss difficult subjects … Continued

VIU theatre deserves an encore

Anyone who has seen a theatrical or musical performance, performance art, or anything else that happens live on a stage, knows the magic that can come from that experience. Sitting down and watching one of the most vulnerable forms a person be in, something that cannot be recreated in any other medium. VIU has been … Continued

VIU Services: Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

Above: A screenshot of the VIU scholarship/award/bursary application profile Applying for scholarships, awards, and bursaries has never been easier thanks to VIU’s new Scholarship, Award, and Bursary Profile. The profile is attached to your online student record, and saves you the time and effort of searching for scholarships, awards, and bursaries yourself. All you have … Continued

New accessibility icon to take Nanaimo by storm

On March 15, the Nanaimo Disability Resource Centre (NDRC) proposed to City Council a change in “disability icons” in the city. These new icons will be known as “new accessible icons;” they portray legs, arms, and body in a forward motion, suggesting independence, strength, inclusiveness, activity, and participation. To contrast, the current disability icon presents … Continued

Celebrating Nature: The Brant Wildlife Festival

By contributor Chantelle Spicer Spring is a time of change and abundance around the Salish Sea. The first budding shrubs—the Indian Plum—are already upon us, with delicate white flowers soon to come. White fawn lilies decorate the ground of Bowen Park, getting every bit of sun possible before the deciduous trees above them burst into … Continued

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