Rabbit 101: Prepare for the Easter Bunny’s visit

With Easter hopping closer, and stuffed bunnies and chocolate eggs coating store shelves, it’s the perfect time to reflect on VIU’s own rabbit friends. VI Abbie, a bunny character who represents VIU on social media platforms as the Lead Student Ambassador for the Engagement Enrolment Office, held an online campaign February 29 to March 4 … Continued

A little birdie told me: CCAA Nationals

Last week, from March 2 to 5, VIU hosted the Canadian Collegiate Athletes Association’s (CCAA) Badminton Nationals in the gym. With 100 matches played over three days, the student athletes competed for the top spot in men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, revealed Saturday night. On March 2, during an awards banquet, VIU’s … Continued

Milner Gardens: An experience in sea, forest, and garden

Above: Milner House seen through the branches in the early spring.  By contributor Chantelle Spicer Looking for a way to give your brain some sweet release in the natural world? Look no further than Milner Gardens, which is an extraordinary combination of ocean, Douglas fir forests, and charming English gardens. Acquired by the Milner family in … Continued

Visual Arts x Natural History

By contributor James MacKinnon Students, staff, and the public are invited to the grand opening of the “Nature in the Arts” display at VIU’s Museum of Natural History on Tuesday, March 8. This event marks the beginning of a three-week display of artwork inspired by the natural world, created by students and faculty members from … Continued

From BC to NB: Women in the campus newsroom

Before many journalists make it to the newsroom, their careers begin at university campus papers. As women still face hurdles when it comes to equality in the workforce, campuses across Canada are proving that women studying journalism have a better chance of success in the field before they graduate. Female students currently dominate journalism classrooms … Continued

The Inequality Games are an analogue for social change

It takes a certain kind of person to dedicate their time to creating positive changes in their school, city, and international communities. VIU’s Student Organization for Social Change (SOSC) is doing just that. SOSC started in September 2015 and focuses on raising awareness of a broad variety of issues, with an emphasis on social justice, … Continued

The VIU MUNsters are at it again

Inspired by VIU’s Model United Nations (MUN) club, students will soon have the opportunity to earn academic credit from a new MUN course. Dedicated to training students to participate in conferences, as well as develop attributes such as public speaking and diplomacy, MUN encourages students to engage with topics of global politics and develop skills … Continued

WUSC: From camp to campus

Noor Mohamed Maalim, 23, breezes in two minutes late in a crisp, white button-up shirt. With an easy grin and friendly greeting, he plops down two boxes of pizza on a table before his fellow club members. He grabs a marker and struts to the whiteboard where he jots a list of priorities to be … Continued

Opening the doors: ABE funding update

While the BC government is still refusing to fund Adult Basic Education (ABE), the VIUSU has been making steady progress in gaining support from several city councils. ABE programs provide high school equivalent courses for citizens returning to school for retraining and upgrading, which include adult special education and basic literacy programs. ABE has been … Continued

VIU(SU) Services

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed after a nice long holiday and trudge through the rain and snow to class. But the VIUSU is there to make your return to campus more exciting. The VIUSU offers free events and services for students, including Frost events, a variety of clubs, an international discount card, … Continued

Let’s Get Consensual: Building the campaign

VIU’s Let’s Get Consensual Campaign is paving the road for progress in combating sexual assault. In September, VIUSU’s Women’s Representative Connie Graham announced she wanted to follow in the footsteps of the UVic campaign and build a stronger presence of informative actions on the reality of sexual assault on campus. Now, through the VIU Women’s … Continued

VIU CREATE conference offers professional experience in March

If you have made a New Year’s resolution to gain more professional experience or showcase your hard work, VIU’s CREATE Conference might be just the thing you need. With the intention to represent the diversity of student work, the annual VIU CREATE Conference gives students of all programs the opportunity to showcase their major projects. … Continued

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