VIU Services: Book buyback

How many thousands of dollars have you spent on textbooks for university? What do you do with your textbooks when you’re done with them? Do they just sit on your bookshelf forever, never to be read again? Wouldn’t it be nice to get at least some of the money back? VIU’s bookstore offers to buy your used books. They buy books … Continued

Shopping, burgers, and literature

Students across the genres in the Creative Writing department are eager to submit their work to Portal 2016. Just two days before the deadline, the magazine publishing class is hosting a Beer and Burger Silent Auction on November 25 at Old City Station Pub from 6 to 9 p.m. This year, as always, the class … Continued


By contributor Elly Tomasson The first two weeks of November passed in a blur for the students and instructors at the VIU Theatre, putting together a stunning production of Moliere’s comedy Tartuffe. The classic play follows the story of a family who is duped into signing away their entire fortune to a religious con-artist, who … Continued

Kicking the Boredom out of Board Work

There are three non-profit societies directly connected to VIU, funded in part by student fees, and actively involved with students: Radio Malaspina Society (RMS) for CHLY Radio; the Vancouver Island University Students’ Union (VIUSU); and The Navigator Newspaper Society (NNS), responsible for the editorial direction and publication of VIU’s bi-weekly student newspaper. As recipients of … Continued

VIU Services: Food Services

We’ve all heard of students who lived off of Mr. Noodles because they simply couldn’t afford to buy proper groceries or make more nutritional meals. Perhaps you’re one of those students. There are also many students who buy fast food every day because, between classes and work, they don’t have time to cook for themselves. … Continued

The Voice of Rebel Mountain Press

“I’ve always thought of myself as a little bit of a rebel,” says Lori Shwydky, a fourth-year Creative Writing student at VIU. That was Shwydky’s thought process coming up with the first part of the name for her new publishing company, Rebel Mountain Press. The second part? Well, she loves mountains, but not actually climbing … Continued

Deck the streets with sturgeon and cheerleaders

VIU will be joining the Ladysmith Light Up and Nanaimo Santa Claus parades for the first time in recent memory with a bright float showcasing the school’s academic, athletic, and leadership success. The float will feature a VIU band, student leaders, scholarship and award recipients, a DJ, cheerleaders, Mariners’ athletes, mascot Stewy the Sturgeon, and … Continued

Connecting Countries with Education.

On November 6, a band of drums and chimes filled VIU’s cafeteria with an energy that brought students and staff on the floor to dance and clap along. Along the entryway of the cafeteria, crowds of people browsed the booths that showcased information, cultural snacks, and pride from international students of many different cultures. World … Continued

The toonie that moved mountains

Above: Last year’s Mariners team line up on the field.  By contributor Farida El Sheshingy  October 29, 2015: Here I am, staring at this blank screen, hoping that we play our hearts out through provincials this weekend. I was diagnosed with a mild concussion earlier today as my team headed to Burnaby for this year’s provincial league … Continued

VIU Campus Vandalism

Above: The “Hop to It” installation was found vandalized on the main campus stomping grounds a week after its unveiling.  By contributor Sarah Torgerson Students of VIU’s Design Department have been working hard this semester to embellish the Nanaimo Campus as part of the typographic illustration class. Unfortunately, vandalism has taken place over the past week, … Continued

VIU Services: Students Working For You

Many university programs give their students the opportunity to get hands-on experience by of­fering services to other students, staff, and the public. Since these services provide a learning experience and often take longer than they would elsewhere, costs are typically at a re­duced rate. This way, both the students in the program and those using … Continued

10th Annual Urban Issues Film Festival

The 10th annual Urban Issues Film Festival on Friday November 10 will feature films and keynote speakers on housing regeneration. This free festival, which is planned each year in conjunction with World Town Planning Day, is sponsored by the Planning Institute of BC North Island Chapter, the VIU Geography department, the Geographic Students’ Union, and … Continued

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