The Soul of Ceramics

I dodge puddles to keep my shoes dry as I make my way to VIU’s Visual and Applied Arts building. Still, they’re soaked in minutes. I know that I need new ones, but I can’t afford them.  Just like the soles of my shoes, I feel exhausted and worn out. I’ve been on campus all … Continued

VIU Turns Its Back on International Tuition Commitments

On December 15, 2022, the VIU Board of Governors pushed through a surprise tuition increase of 5% for international students in the 2023-2024 school year. This increase comes despite their commitment, made only a few months prior, that international student tuition increases would remain at 2%—the same as their domestic counterparts. This commitment was made … Continued

RPG Rookies

Have you ever wondered what happens when you pair a room full of people who have never played a roleplaying game with an experienced Dungeon Master? Well, we have answers… Character Illustrations by Celia Brand  

Giving Tuesday at VIU

Giving Tuesday began in the heart of New York to encourage people to become more engaged in their communities and spread more kindness into the world.  The annual global movement takes place on the Tuesday after Black Friday and has a simple goal: to practice generosity. This can be through charitable donations, helping a stranger, … Continued

What Makes a Poet?

A gathering of students listens attentively inside the student lounge in building 355 on VIU’s Nanaimo campus, myself among them. Though a cold rain pelts the windowpanes, it’s warm and comfortable inside the blue-walled lounge. Some students occasionally write in notebooks, while others keep their hands in their laps, fully focused on the words of … Continued

From Club to Community

Who are the people running VIU’s clubs? Audio Editor Jack Corfield speaks to Gen, the Supreme Hierarch of Unconquerable Dungeons and Ancient God Dragons (President) of the D&D Club, and Elizabeth, the Minister of Internal Affairs for the History Club. Later, he sits down with power couple Sam and Katrin, Co-Chair of the History Students’ … Continued

The Navigator Sessions

Nanaimo’s very own Andrew Butler of Antler stopped by the Nav office to play us a few tunes and chat about the Nanaimo music scene. Stay tuned for future episodes of The Navigator Sessions where we will be highlighting the very best musical acts that the mid-island scene has to offer! 0:00 – Intro 0:10 … Continued

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