The 16 Days of Activism Campaign

VIU is participating in the 16 Days of Activism Campaign that aims to eliminate gender-based violence. The United Nations (UN) campaign to end violence against women begins on November 25 each year (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) and runs until December 10 (Human Rights Day). The campaign indicates that violence … Continued

Students to Vote for VIUSU Reps

The polls are now open for VIU Students’ Union Fall 2020 General Election! Even though we’re not in typical class settings this year, VIUSU is still working hard to ensure students have the best year possible. The candidates are from diverse backgrounds and programs, and promise to serve students as best they can both online … Continued

Pedal to the Metal:

Pump up those tires and clip on that helmet—it’s GoByBike Week in BC.  GoByBike BC, formerly known as Bike to Work BC, runs from September 28–October 4. The event calls attention to the importance of healthy transportation for adults and children alike, encouraging people to record their cycling trips online during the week. It’s been … Continued

VIUSU and VIU Foundation support students in need

During this time of global crisis, the VIU Students’ Union (VIUSU) has contributed a leadership gift of $75,000,  now matched by the VIU Foundation, to establish a $250,000 fund for Emergency Student Bursaries in effort to support vulnerable students affected by COVID-19. VIU chairperson Anouk Borris is hoping community members will join the students’ union … Continued

About Bloody Time

Anouk Borris, the Women Students’ Representative at VIUSU, has been working to get pads and tampons into all washrooms across campus, free of charge to students and staff. Toilet paper is provided, so why shouldn’t these products be? There are taboos to be broken and stigmas to be shattered. These stigmas are rooted in misogyny, … Continued

VIUSU elections coming soon

This academic year, and in many more years to come, the Students’ Union hopes to see many VIU students find their passion, voice, and community through the student movement. It is a voice that resonates from the past and speaks loudly of a better future for all of BC. You can get involved by volunteering … Continued

VIU Students Prepare for Upcoming Provincial Election

By contributor Sarah Segal Vancouver Island University students are ready to vote in the BC Provincial Election. “We continue to see a government who consistently underfunds education,” said Avery Bonner, VIU Students’ Union spokesperson. “Today, higher education is not optional; it is mandatory. For that reason, British Columbians need a government that has a vision … Continued

“You don’t look disabled”

Why it’s time to pick up the slack and support students with invisible disabilities. “Because they’re not obvious to spot, invisible disabilities may be overlooked and misunderstood,” The Rick Hanson Foundation states. “And unfortunately, this can lead to discrimination or exclusion of those with an invisible disability.” VIU supports and accommodates students with invisible disabilities in … Continued

VIUSU reps renewing fight for provincial Adult Basic Education funding

Above: “Just one of many strategies to show support for reinstating ABE funding is signing the Don’t Close the Door campaign postcard. These can be found at the VIUSU in Bldg. 193.” 📷 Catherine Charlebois By Production Manager Catherine Charlebois Representatives from the Vancouver Island University Students’ Union (VIUSU) are preparing to petition the British Columbia government … Continued

VIUSU begins process to end union with CFS

  Vancouver Island University Student’s Union completes petition required for member referendum on issue of leaving the Canadian Federation of Students. The Vancouver Island University Students’ Union (VIUSU) has been petitioning to leave the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) since the beginning of September. Representatives of the VIUSU said they are dissatisfied with the lack … Continued

Finding our own voice: BC and the CFS

Above: Microphone via Canadian Federation of Students Facebook page By contributor Chantelle Spicer Membership is something we take very seriously in our society. categorize or label ourselves to find our place in the world. Where would we be without knowing our place in a crowd? It provides us with protocols of behaviour, boundaries, and expectations. … Continued

VIU sets troubling communications precedent

Above: Photo via Russell McNell on Flickr Following the implementation of a controversial new “student services fee” on April 1, VIU has been tight-lipped regarding what exactly students’ money is going towards. VIU defers to an online fact sheet, updated early last month, for all information regarding the fee and the new services it will … Continued

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