VIUSU begins process to end union with CFS

  Vancouver Island University Student’s Union completes petition required for member referendum on issue of leaving the Canadian Federation of Students. The Vancouver Island University Students’ Union (VIUSU) has been petitioning to leave the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) since the beginning of September. Representatives of the VIUSU said they are dissatisfied with the lack … Continued

Finding our own voice: BC and the CFS

Above: Microphone via Canadian Federation of Students Facebook page By contributor Chantelle Spicer Membership is something we take very seriously in our society. categorize or label ourselves to find our place in the world. Where would we be without knowing our place in a crowd? It provides us with protocols of behaviour, boundaries, and expectations. … Continued

VIU sets troubling communications precedent

Above: Photo via Russell McNell on Flickr Following the implementation of a controversial new “student services fee” on April 1, VIU has been tight-lipped regarding what exactly students’ money is going towards. VIU defers to an online fact sheet, updated early last month, for all information regarding the fee and the new services it will … Continued

The Inequality Games are an analogue for social change

It takes a certain kind of person to dedicate their time to creating positive changes in their school, city, and international communities. VIU’s Student Organization for Social Change (SOSC) is doing just that. SOSC started in September 2015 and focuses on raising awareness of a broad variety of issues, with an emphasis on social justice, … Continued

The case on VIU’s proposed new student fee

The VIU Board of Governor’s proposed ancillary fee, which will cost students $6.27 per credit, and up to a maximum of $188 per 30 credits, is causing disputes among the VIUSU.Designated to provide “enhanced services in the Health and Wellness Centre,” “experiential learning for all,” and “access to a Technology Lending Library,” this fee is … Continued

VIU(SU) Services

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed after a nice long holiday and trudge through the rain and snow to class. But the VIUSU is there to make your return to campus more exciting. The VIUSU offers free events and services for students, including Frost events, a variety of clubs, an international discount card, … Continued

Let’s Get Consensual: Building the campaign

VIU’s Let’s Get Consensual Campaign is paving the road for progress in combating sexual assault. In September, VIUSU’s Women’s Representative Connie Graham announced she wanted to follow in the footsteps of the UVic campaign and build a stronger presence of informative actions on the reality of sexual assault on campus. Now, through the VIU Women’s … Continued

Kicking the Boredom out of Board Work

There are three non-profit societies directly connected to VIU, funded in part by student fees, and actively involved with students: Radio Malaspina Society (RMS) for CHLY Radio; the Vancouver Island University Students’ Union (VIUSU); and The Navigator Newspaper Society (NNS), responsible for the editorial direction and publication of VIU’s bi-weekly student newspaper. As recipients of … Continued

You’re invited! RSVP to the student-debt wedding

            The VIUSU is holding an event tomorrow, February 19; to demonstrate the marriage many students are signed into when it comes to their debt, at the Malaspina Theatre at 11:30 am. [slideshow_deploy id=’7081′]             “Students and their families are feeling the squeeze of high tuition fees and student loan debt,” said Alec Patterson, Director … Continued

Sociology Students’ Union breaks underwear barrier on campus

By contributor Drew McLachlan While VIU’s Sociology Students’ Union (VIUSSU) may have flown under the radar for the past few years, new executive director Carly Eldstrom is bringing the club back on course. Most recently, VIUSSU commissioned their own custom underwear, a first for any club on campus. “Lots of clubs sell t-shirts,” Eldstrom said, … Continued

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