Modo Yoga Nanaimo

Skye Langlois is the studio manager of Modo Yoga in Nanaimo. Modo Yoga has two locations: one on Dufferin Crescent, and the other on Rutherford Road. Langlois has been a yoga teacher since 2015.  “What drew me to yoga was initially vanity. I wanted to be someone else. I wanted to be skinnier. I wanted … Continued

A newbie’s guide to yoga

Sports never interested me as a child, only physically active when my mother coerced me into intramural sports, or my 45-year-old teachers pushed me along the track for “just one more lap”. I have always leaned toward reading or watching movies, because getting sweaty and having sore muscles is really not my style.  Honestly, who … Continued

Wide awake and sleeping: Discussing narcolepsy

It’s the middle of class and you’re overtaken by fatigue. Not just an uncontrollable case of the yawns, but the urge to put your head on the table and sleep. It may transcend an urge—your head may fall involuntarily and you are immediately in a deep sleep. To the untrained eye it could look like … Continued

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