Deadly rabbit disease strikes Nanaimo

An email was received by students on February 28, sent on behalf of VIU’s Health and Safety department regarding reports of dead rabbits around campus, and even down in the Rotary Bowl area. At the time, there was no answer to what was causing the sudden drop in population. Students and staff were advised to … Continued

Owls of British Columbia: A photo essay

Last spring, I watched two great horned owls raise their fluffy young at a nest site in Nanaimo. It was my first of many mesmerizing experiences with owls in the wild. Ever since, I’ve become obsessed with photographing them. Fifteen species have been recorded in British Columbia; in the last nine months, I’ve managed to … Continued

Old growth trees: A life lesson

Above: There is unrest in the forest. There is trouble in the trees. 📷 Natalie Gates By contributor Dallas Bezaire On this beautiful rock we call Vancouver Island, we have some of the most spectacular and rare ecosystems in the world. I am not talking about VIU’s plethora of bunnies, or the amazing aquatic ecosystems that teem … Continued

Everyday Earth:

Above: Vancouver Island black bear via By contributor Chantelle Spicer Every time we walk through a city or provincial park, all we take in has been orchestrated to enhance or hide certain things in the area. The path bends a certain way, showing us a particular view; benches are particularly placed, giving us space to … Continued

Wild for Bees

Above: MABR Research Institute summer students building the new pollinator hotel destined for the Kwalikum Food Forest in October. Photo coutesy MABRRI By contributor Chantelle Spicer To bee or not to bee? Everyday, people around the world are becoming more aware of how important bee populations are to our existence on this planet. We now know … Continued

Museum news: Amphibians of Vancouver Island

By contributor James Mackinnon. Read more the Museum News series. By now you’ve probably heard the nightly chorus, one of the surest signs that springtime is near. A choir so loud that it often hampers sleep, the song of the Pacific Tree Frog is a beautiful reminder of the rich amphibian diversity supported by our wetlands … Continued

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