The Rising Threat of Racism: A call to action

Above: VIU’s Nanaimo campus. Photo courtesy By contributor Joshua Chumsa-Jones VIU is known to be an accepting and welcoming campus for students of different faiths, cultures, identities, abilities, and sexual orientations. We have a Positive Space Alliance on campus as a safe space for LGBTQ+ students, as well as stairs painted the colours of … Continued

VIU professor leads Nanaimo March on Washington

Above: Hamdi Aweys gave an impassioned speech on the plight of women in her home country of Somalia. 📷 Paul Marck By News Editor Aislinn Cottell Sonnet L’Abbé, poet and professor at Vancouver Island University, had never organized a protest march. She didn’t necessarily identify as an activist, albeit having attended several such events in the past. A … Continued

#DisruptJ20: The resistance

Above: 📷 iStockPhoto By Josha Chumsa-Jones By now I hope you have participated in or are least aware of the events on January 20 and 21. You may have also seen the hashtags “#InaugurateTheResistance,” “#J20Resist,” or “#DisruptJ20” floating around the news and social media. In case you are unaware, these hashtags refer to the various actions across … Continued

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