VIU professor leads Nanaimo March on Washington

Above: Hamdi Aweys gave an impassioned speech on the plight of women in her home country of Somalia. 📷 Paul Marck By News Editor Aislinn Cottell Sonnet L’Abbé, poet and professor at Vancouver Island University, had never organized a protest march. She didn’t necessarily identify as an activist, albeit having attended several such events in the past. A … Continued

Dirtyin’ The Nav: Wheels of promiscuity

Above: 📷 Courtesy of By columnist Diana Pearson Whether for exercise, budget, enjoyment, or out of necessity, bicycling is a great way to travel. It’s good exercise, reduces your carbon footprint, and is efficient and freeing. But did you know that the bike is also a symbol of feminism, and played a role in the … Continued

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