WUSC: From camp to campus

Noor Mohamed Maalim, 23, breezes in two minutes late in a crisp, white button-up shirt. With an easy grin and friendly greeting, he plops down two boxes of pizza on a table before his fellow club members. He grabs a marker and struts to the whiteboard where he jots a list of priorities to be … Continued

Worldly opportunities

By contributor Chantelle Spicer In light of the Syrian civil war, many of the country’s citizens now find themselves seeking sanctuary in other countries, with millions of people now separated from their homeland and culture. Under the new Liberal government of Canada, we open our doors to those seeking refuge from this crisis, offering a … Continued

Connecting Countries with Education.

On November 6, a band of drums and chimes filled VIU’s cafeteria with an energy that brought students and staff on the floor to dance and clap along. Along the entryway of the cafeteria, crowds of people browsed the booths that showcased information, cultural snacks, and pride from international students of many different cultures. World … Continued

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