Modo Yoga Nanaimo

Skye Langlois is the studio manager of Modo Yoga in Nanaimo. Modo Yoga has two locations: one on Dufferin Crescent, and the other on Rutherford Road. Langlois has been a yoga teacher since 2015.  “What drew me to yoga was initially vanity. I wanted to be someone else. I wanted to be skinnier. I wanted … Continued

Finding my way om

Rewind to eight years ago. I’ve just returned from my first time travelling overseas. I’m buying new pants and my eyes are bloodshot from the continual hangover. Needless to say, I’m not doing so hot. I had known from a young age that I would travel extensively. Number one on the list was India. This … Continued

How to relieve stress

The following are some methods I’ve found helpful for relieving my own stress. Since everyone is different, they may not all work for you, and that’s okay—but give ‘em a try. Break Things into Steps When a stressful event appears on my horizon I find it helpful to, if possible, break it into steps. I … Continued

Yoga for a cause

Need a break from sitting at a desk all day? This October at VIU’s Nanaimo campus there will be yoga classes held every Tuesday from 12:05 PM – 12:50 PM, in building 355 room 211. The classes will be by donation with all funds going towards United Way. Laura Shanner, this year’s staff representative from … Continued

Catching the sun

Above: 📷 By Associate Editor Natalie Gates As a kid, I had a mysterious aunt and uncle. I have spotty but vivid memories of a family vacation to Costa Rica with them when I was five, where I sat high up on my uncle James’ shoulders as we walked the beach to view leatherback sea turtles. … Continued

OmTown Yoga

Above: Omtown Yoga studio. Photo by Cole Schisler. By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler Located downtown at 43 Commercial St., OmTown Yoga offers classes in a variety of yoga styles every day of the week. “Every week instructors have a set schedule,” said Katherine Boere, manager of OmTown. “Our weekly schedule is usually pretty … Continued

A newbie’s guide to yoga

Sports never interested me as a child, only physically active when my mother coerced me into intramural sports, or my 45-year-old teachers pushed me along the track for “just one more lap”. I have always leaned toward reading or watching movies, because getting sweaty and having sore muscles is really not my style.  Honestly, who … Continued

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